Complimentary White Paper

How Video is Reshaping the Classroom

video reshaping classroom2

The past several years have ushered in a real revolution in the use of video technology in the classroom. As the quality of video technologies has risen sharply and prices have fallen, K-12 schools across the continent have adopted video as a powerful and effective learning tool.

Across all grade levels, the benefits of video in the classroom are immediate and tangible: a rich, immersive learning environment, improved lesson retention, unlimited access to new materials and subjects and better student engagement. Common uses of video in K-12 schools include lecture capture, educational films, rebroadcasting public or educational TV, inter-school collaboration, community outreach, digital storytelling and student generated content. Video also enables specialized teachers to share their expertise with students on a town-wide or county-wide basis. Educational videos and student-generated content also complements and enriches the 1:1 laptop/iPad programs now being adopted at many schools. 

This white paper is intended to aid in the selection and use of video products in the classroom and serve as a guide for teachers, educators, technology coordinators and school administrators. Video systems for education vary widely in terms of features, ease-of-use, scalability and reach. Schools can maximize their investment in media management systems by working with solutions providers who specialize in systems tailored to the educational market.